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Initialiste Impulse the growth of stronger, shinier hair

Initialise has revolutionized hair care by directly targeting the hair follicle, which is the living part of the hair. Effectiveness at the source for stronger, shinier and more beautiful hair.

Stylist tips - Initialiste All the tips and tricks of our Kérastase professionals.

Stylist tips - Initialiste

ERIC PFALZGRAF (COIFF1RST FOUNDER) A revolutionary serum for regenerated hair

"Taking care of women's hair is meticulous work for me. Advanced Scientific Research allows for increasingly targeted solutions for their needs."

Stylist tips - Initialiste

""Initialiste" serum is a fundamental turning point in the quest for advanced technology for hair care: it is the first rejuvenating serum with regenerative action that directly targets hair follicles, which is where hair grows from, to strengthen and beautify it. Its powerful agents such as stem cells and ceramid impulse hair growth at its source. "Initialiste" completes the "Cleanse, treat, texturize" 3 step ritual routine by Kérastase thanks to its regenerating action.There is also true pleasure in applying a few drops of this serum to the hair and massaging it in. It's a beauty technique that all women can replicate at home. The combination of advanced technology and enjoyable application is complete with Initaliste and is suitable for all women (and for me as well)."

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Our 1st hair and scalp serum to reveal hair that feels thicker, looks shinier

The collection - Initialiste Discover the Initialiste programme adapted to your needs


Single ritual, Kérastase creates beauty course in three stages: bathe, treat, texturizing, with studied gestures, which sublimate the hair.

This programme in three simple actions associated with Kérastase products, begins with a specific treatment in the salon, you can then continue at home.


Discover the 3-step beauty routine

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