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How works Fusio-Dose?How works Fusio-Dose?

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Fusio-Dose Hair Treatment
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Fusio-Dose is an exclusive Kérastase professional service offering personalization shots for an instant hair transformation. Fusio-Dose can provide a double benefit in only one professional application and be more efficient than any other treatment, with a Booster and a Concentré. The products are powered by concentrated skincare actives, for more performance.

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Fusio-Dose transforms your hair in less than 5 minutes, with a custom-blended mix that addresses 2 hair needs in 1 application!

Fusio Dose is composed by concentrés and boosters to mix, creating up to 30 combinations!

100% agree that Fusio-does does not weigh hair down and 79% said it transforms profoundly hair*.
*Test on 52 applications, done by 12 hairdressers.

The hairdresser will ask about your hair and scalp concerns.

After the diagnosis, the professional with performed hair & scalp gestures to advise you on the best Fusio-Dose mix.

Following a shampoo, you are ready for your treatment!

Kérastase Fusio-Dose Treatment is powered by concentrated skincare actives, for more performance.

Some key ingredients, depending on the chosen booster : VITAMIN E, CAMELLIA OIL, POLYPEPTIDE, LACTIC ACID and PROTEIN

When you and your hair need a boost, the New Fusio-Dose is your solution. Truly, it is a game-changing custom service we can provide in the salon for immediate results. It adds a luxurious moment to the client’s visit, and provides them with true personalized care.
What I love about Fusio-Dose is that with nearly endless combinations of Concentré and Booster, I can instantly address any concerns identified during the diagnosis, as well as my client’s specific desires, letting them walk out of the salon totally transformed.

Hovig Etoyan

Kérastase Global Professional Ambassador



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Fusio-Dose In Salon

Learn about the signature in-salon service that transforms hair quality in under 5 minutes.

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