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Explore the multi-use miracle of Concentré Essentiel

Three Ways to Use Concentré Essentiel

Concentré Essentiel from the Aura Botanica Range is truly a must have, counting mulitple uses from pre-shampoo to massage oil...

As a soothing, sensual pre-cleanse treatment

Rub 2-3 pumps of Concentré Essentiel between palms and massage into the scalp and lengths of damp or dry hair to revitalize. Leave on 15 minutes and then cleanse twice thoroughly with Bain Micellaire.

3 Ways To Use Concentre Essentiel Cover Before Shampoo

As a nourishing boost for deeper conditioning

After shampooing with Bain Micellaire, blend 1-2 pumps of Concentré Essentiel with Soin Fondamental for additional shine and softening. Leave on up to 5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

3 Ways To Use Concentre Essentiel Cover After Shampoo

As an uplifting massage oil

For a soothing dry skin treatment, massage Concentré Essentiel into hands and other dry patches to nourish and soften.

3 Ways To Use Concentre Essentiel Cover Skincare

Aura Botanica Routine

The Aura Botanica range fulfills a growing desire for responsible luxury. Offering effective care to enhance lightly devitalized hair to leave it with a healthy glow. Elevating the sensorial, it introduces the sublime sensation of “nude” hair. Resplendent, glowing hair, reawakened to its natural beauty.

This routine is for thick dull devitalized hair.
Bain Micellaire Aura Botanica 250ml 01 Kerastase

Bain Micellaire

Gentile cleansing shampoo with coconut & argan oils transforms into luxurious lather, cleansing away impurities. Must be used with Soin Fondamental.

Concentre Essentiel Aura Botanica 100ml 01 Kerastase

Concentré Essentiel

A multi-use generous and natural oil blend that helps to tame frizz, boosts nutrition and cosmeticity on demanding hair; smoothes and softens skin.

Soin Fondamental Aura Botanica 200ml 01 Kerastase

Soin Fondamental

Natural origin deep conditioning treatement for 48h of durable nutrition, easy detangling, weightless frizz control, nude touch and healthy glow.

Essence D'Eclat Aura Botanica 50ml 01 Kerastase

Essence d'éclat

Lightweight bi-phase mist for nutrition, frizz control and glow. Composed of 1 part organic, essential oils; and 1 part organic damask rose water.

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