Let us reveal the secrets of what makes Kérastase so special with all the formulas, different routines and tips. Find the answer to all your questions about Kérastase products!
How do hairdressers achieve incredible hair? Proper application is essential. Here are the techniques from our professionals, which you can try at home to extract the greatest benefits in every step of your hair routine.
So you did it. You dared to go blonde. But why? And what shade? What does going blonde mean to you? We want all the details. Going blonde is a rite of passage—we want to know everything about it.
Growing healthy, luxuriously long hair requires a robust plan of action. It’s like strength training for the hair. Think of the Extentioniste range as hi-tech equipment that gets you to your goal faster. Each component plays a vital part in getting you to your goal.
Introducing Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum, the moisturizing hair serum that transforms dry hair overnight. Like an intensive night cream, it works while you sleep to repair and nourish, leaving it silky and smooth by morning.
Radiant hair is infinitely desirable, yet it can be so elusive. With Elixir Ultime, the scientists at Kérastase have harnessed the power of shine to infuse every strand with undeniable brilliance.
Serum Cicanuit defies the reality of blonde care, making it nearly effortless to insure that faux blonde stays soft and bright. All you have to do is put it in and go to sleep! The serum packs the moisturizing power of a hair mask in an innovative, easy-to-use formula that doesn’t require washing or wetting.
Concentré Essentiel from the Aura Botanica Range is truly a must have, counting mulitple uses from pre-shampoo to massage oil...
Kérastase has identified the three different types of hair that require a tailor-made routine against hair-fall. Find out which routine you will need.
Advanced technology meets extreme luxury for powerful anti-aging care in a highly sensual experience.
The French classic Oléo-Relax gets an improved version of the original famous range.
Some prefer the undone look of the air-dried mane. Others demand the perfectly polished appearance. Bring the heat or go au naturel. Either way, meet the Aura Botanica styling products that nourish and protect.
We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the birth of our iconic shine; Elixir Ultime. We know that you love it, just like we do! Now it is time to answer all the questions we gathered from you in order to take an even further step with the experience!
Day after day, year over year, we live our lives to the fullest. Experiences, achievements and milestones are occurring all the time. When we stop to reflect on the trials and triumphs, we sometimes find that our beauty has shifted.
Life comes at you fast. Dry shampoo is the hair hack that keeps you in the game. If you’re having a bad hair day, cheat with Fresh Affair.
Here, we answer all of your questions about how you can harness the invigorating power of this sensual, deep cleansing treatment.
We have a heritage of professional hair care dating back to 1964 which equips us with an ultimate passion to discover the best practices and most powerful ingredients for a perfect hair care routine. For the boldest blondes who dare anything, we care with the most effective ingredients.
Introducing Résistance Extentioniste, the ultimate advantage in the quest for long hair. It’s a new family of products focused on keeping hair strong and healthy, so it can grow as long as you like, always looking glossy and gorgeous.
Now it is the perfect time to change up your hair color, keep your new shade looking its best with this guide.
Blondes can always benefit from a little extra care. Here's how to mix and match products for a personalized plan that supports your bright look and bold spirit.
Work, play, rinse, repeat. You get addicted tot he pace, caught up in the excitement. It’s all very exhilarating until the stress starts to affect your hair. Pair your fast-lane lifestyle with environmental factors and hormonal changes, and the evidence is clear. You begin to find a trail of strands on your clothes, in the shower in your brush and everywhere you go.
Everything you need to know about post bleach care with Cicaextreme.
Hair oil has many benefits: nourishment, protection, shine, softness and a healthy, finished look. Any type of hair, can receive this hair miracle. It’s just a matter of knowing the hows and whys.
Multi-protection range for color-treated hair with 3 levels of personalization: fiber sensitization, hair thickness and color with Touche Chromatique.
Health-focused beauty is on the rise and with four times more scalp care searches online, it’s time to elevate the well-being of your scalp. And we have the solution.
Have you ever wondered why some hair is straight, and some is curly? We harnessed the power of L’Oreal Research to analyze all types of curls in 23 countries around the world to show the science behind your beautiful curls.
Whether your natural hair is wavy, curly or coily, now is the time to show off your strands in all their glory.
Limit unnecessary hair washing with our all-new Refresh Absolu, a curl-reviving mist that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.
A personalized routine is key for enhancing your natural curls.
Some products are instant hits. Others are timeless classics. Kérastase Elixir Ultime is both. Here are the top ten reasons to love Elixir Ultime...
It’s time to celebrate the birth of our iconic product after a decade; Elixir Ultime. The iconic shine it brought to our lives has been a game changer, now it is time to discover the various uses to make the most out of it!
Emily Ratajkowski, the iconic brunette, had gone blonde! Discover how she dared to bleach her naturally dark base hair with Kérastase Blond Absolu routine.


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