We know that you want to keep up with the latest news from what’s going around in the hair world. This is the time to discover the model routines and their experiences, latest trends, best guidance to have a healthy and beautiful hair, some seasonal tips and everything surprising about hair!
From what causes dandruff to the anti-dandruff shampoo to know, we reveal all you need to know for flake-free hair. Do you constantly ask yourself ‘why is my hair so greasy?’ Well, you’re not alone, here’s the expert tips you need to get your roots looking fresh. Ebonee Davis (@eboneedavis) brings strength and wisdom to the luxury haircare world as Kérastase brand ambassador. With her unique point of view on visibility and diversity in the fashion industry, she represents a modern approach to inclusive beauty. Her willingness to speak out continuously makes her an ideal symbol of the Kérastase You Dare, We Care philosophy. Fernanda Ly (@warukatta) brings a fresh face to the world of luxury haircare as Kérastase brand ambassador. With her ever-changing hair colors and ultra-creative looks, Fernanda has redefined beauty as an inclusive endeavor, stalking her own path through the worlds of fashion and culture. Her tendency to constantly bleach her hair and rarely follow the rules makes her an ideal symbol of the Kérastase You Dare, We Care philosophy. When Father’s Day comes, it always seems difficult to find little ways to show how much we appreciate dad. The trick is to give him a gift that he would never give himself. May we suggest...luxury hair care? The long-awaited holiday collection is now available at a Kérastase salon near you. Begin your window shopping right here, and then head in to pick up these iconic, gold-toned treasures for everyone on your list. Give the gift of magnificent hair! Elevate your hair game with this low-set bun. This simple, seven step, braided chignon is ultra-chic and perfect for any occasion. This catwalk combines spotlight-level shine and festival – grade braids. In nine simple steps you’ll be ready to strike a pose for a big night out or a yoga session. Blond hair never goes out of fashion, and this summer there are so many trends to try. Discover them all here and lighten up for the new season. Summer is fun for you, but stressful for your hair. Keep your hair care game on point, wherever the season takes you.


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