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A definitive guide to hair thinning in men

In men, hair loss can be a real concern. 70% of men experience hair fall, here we reveal what causes hair thinning and a lack of hair volume in men.

Hair thinning in men can occur for plenty different reasons. For a long time it felt like an inevitability for many, but today hair fall is something that can be slowed down and prevented. Our Genesis Homme collection is infused with follicle-boosting ingredients like stimulating creatine, ginger root and aminexil (a powerful alternative to Minoxidil) to fortify the hair root. But for many the question still remains unanswered, what causes hair thinning in men? Below we reveal the reasons behind your hair fall.

What is the hair fall process?

It is normal to lose 50-100 strands of hair per day, we know that sounds like a hefty amount, but it’s only when the number exceeds 100 that is known as excessive hair fall and it becomes a problem. To understand hair loss  , let’s take a look at the science part and what the hair growth process looks like.

Diagnose of hair fall causes






Each strand of hair goes through a life cycle. It all starts with the birth of new hair and the ensuing growth which is called the anagen phase, this accounts for around 85-90% of your hair.





Next, the hair stops growing and this is known as the catagen phase, which is closely followed by the telogen phase, a period of time in which the follicle shrinks and the hair falls out. The final dormant phase is a period of ‘rest’ which makes way for new hair to grow from within the follicle.

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Hair fall happens when more follicles are shrinking and the dormant phase is longer than usual. When it comes to the appearance of thinner hair, especially at the crown and hairline, it’s not just hair fall that’s the issue. In men, hair thinning also occurs when the hair fibre can actually become thinner, over time the hair strands lose volume and become finer which makes styling your hair a difficult and, quite frankly, frustrating endeavor.

What lifestyle factors cause hair fall and hair thinning in men?

Beyond genetics and hormones, there are many moments throughout life that can trigger men’s hair thinning and a lack of much-wanted hair volume. 
Work or even exam stress in younger adults can trigger hair fall, as can tiredness from late nights, whether you’re a new father or burning the candle at both ends. And we all know, that when we’re stressed and tired, our diets can suffer - we find ourselves eating on-the-go forsaking nutrition for convenience. Or we take up bad habits like smoking which is yet other contributing factor to your unwanted hair fall. 
Then there are external factors like aggressive chemicals in your shampoo or pollution from city living. All these factors can contribute to hair fall whether that manifests as a receding hairline or thinning at the crown.

How to prevent and disguise hair fall and hair thinning?

Our hair growth products for men - Genesis Homme have a dual action benefit—the products are formulated to instantly create the appearance of thicker, denser hair, whilst working over time to give you long-term results. At Kérastase, we focused not just on hardworking ingredients that result in thicker hair in six weeks, but because the products should be used consistently for the best results we also focused on creating formulas that you really want to use daily. You can discover the Genesis Homme range here.

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