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How to Look After Colored Hair

Now it is the perfect time to change up your hair color, keep your new shade looking its best with this guide.

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Winter is almost over and spring is coming, so if you’re looking to change up your look then now is the perfect time. There are plenty of ‘rules’ when it comes to hair color. Many say spring is the perfect time to dye your hair, and where once there were trending hair colors each season, nowadays the choice really is yours. Whether you want to go for soft balayage, vivid copper, glossy brunette, bright blonde or colorful pieces, the most important thing is that you feel confident and happy with your new look.

One rule that you should follow, however, is looking after your hair color at home. Why spend so much money on your new look only to neglect it on your watch? Preserving your hair color, enhancing the shine and keeping your strands strong is easy when you know how, here we reveal the secrets to ensuring your hair color lasts.

What causes hair color to fade or change?

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There are so many things that can affect the quality of your hair color. Pollution particles can leave your glossy color looking dull and lifeless. Heat styling without adequate protection can lead to unwanted fading. Tap water, yes tap water, can cause also cause your color to fade. And all of these factors can affect hair color, turning cool brunettes warm or causing redheads to fade for example.

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When it comes to tap water, the scientists at Kerastase have identified a trio of particles in H20 that are the enemies of your glossy new hair color. Chlorine, copper and calcium work to fade the color and dry out the strands, leaving your once lustrous color looking dull and dry. Luckily, the Reflection Chromatique collection neutralizes the water particles using natural ingredients including yuzu and lychee extracts.

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How do I keep my color from fading or looking dull?

When it comes to color-treated hair, there are two main aims most of us have—to prolong the color quality and preserve the hair’s integrity. You want your hair color to look radiant and luminous for as long as possible. If you’ve opted for a vivid color you want that intensity to last and if you’ve gone brunette then you’ll want the color to stay true - no unwanted brassy or red tones.

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The Reflection Chromatique is an at-home range specifically designed to protect and enhance your color, whilst nourishing your strands. The concise collection of products includes Bain Chromatique, for color-treated hair, and Bain Chromatique Riche, for very sensitized, thick, highlighted hair. Both contain a chelators complex that fights all color enemies including water particles, responsible for color fading. UV Filters and Vitamin E protect from oxidative aggressions, while Rice Bran Oil nourishes the fiber to emphasize shine.

Fondant Chromatique offers color-treated hair light conditioning, packed with even more hair-loving Vitamin E and Rice Bran Oil, that is suitable for every hair wash session. Zinc gluconate captures the color particles in the strands, the same chelators complex in the shampoo defends against the damaging effect of tap water.

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Once or twice a week, bolster your colored hair’s nourishment and condition with Masque Chromatique Fins, for fine hair and Epais, for very sensitized, thick or highlighted hair.

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For advanced color correction and inspired by the genius that is colour-correcting makeup, you can add Touche Chromatique to your mask. Formulated with knowledge taken from the color wheel we learned about at school, just 10 drops of Touche Chromatique can refresh your color in five minutes. For example, the green tones in the Cool Brown will cancel out unwanted red hues in brunette hair. It comes in four shades—the violet-toned Cool Blond neutralizes yellow tones, while Red will enhance vibrancy, while Copper will add warmth to brunettes. Hair color is protected, enhanced and lasts longer, while strands are left soft and deeply nourished.

Finally, for at-home use, there is Fluide Chromatique. A leave-in formula tackles frizz, makes hair shine and creates a soft and supple texture that’s easy to style.