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Scrub Stories

We’ve gathered some of our favorite stories from our hair care enthusiasts about Fusio Scrub. Here, they share the precise moment when an exfoliating, mood-lifting treatment proved the perfect move for the scalp, the hair and the mind. Share yours!

Après Sport

It feels great to sweat it out at the gym or on the field. What’s not so great is the moisture, oil and dirt that builds up under that sweat band. Scrub it all away with an invigorating post-workout Fusio Scrub.

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Beauty Night

Perhaps it’s been a long week and you deserve some self-care time. A detoxifying Fusio Scrub is the perfect addition to your at-home spa ritual.

Big Day

You’ve got an important meeting or presentation coming up, and you need to look and feel your absolute best. Night-before or morning-of, Fusio Scrub will liven your hair and focus your mind.

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Date Prep

A special evening out is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a deep cleansing treatment. Fusio Scrub will calm your emotions, amp up your confidence and leave you looking drop-dead gorgeous.

Wind Down

It’s been a rough day and you’d frankly love to forget about it. Let Fusio Scrub dissolve your worries as you relax into some much-deserved evening down time.

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Just Because

Do you really need an occasion to treat yourself to a sensual, detoxifying hair ritual? No, you do not. Fusio Scrub is there any time you need to rev up or chill out, even if you’re just doing your day-to-day.

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Tell us about your favorite Fusio Scrub moment using the hashtag #startfromscrub.

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