Whatever Your Natural Color, This Guide Will Help You Find the Right Color For You

Want to find a color that’s perfect for you and your lifestyle, this guide will help you.

So many of us know what hair color suits us. But within the hair color families - blonde, dark, red and experimental - there are so many shades you could go. A big part of choosing a hair color also comes down to what level of maintenance you are prepared to put in. For instance, if you’re blonde but you want to spend as little time as possible on your hair then beachy balayage will be a better choice for you that going platinum.

Of course, if you’re going to change up your color, whether it’s a low-key tweak or a full-on overhaul, you’ll need to lean on haircare designed especially for colored hair. Enter Chroma Absolu, our new range that includes the best shampoos for colored hair that cleanse and nourish at the same time to tame frizz, prolong your color and leave strands soft and shiny.
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Below we run down the main hair colors and three shades to try ranging from laidback maintenance to hardcore care. Which will you choose?

Blonde Hair Colors

Beach Blonde

Naturally blonde or light brunette? Bright, creamy blonde balayage will give your hair a beachy vibe and, with balayage avoiding the root area, you won’t need regular touch-ups.

Noughties Star

The naughtiest is trending again and a full head of highlights was big news at the start of this millennium. Using foils, this requires some regular upkeep as root regrowth is real but if you want that mid-naughties Britney Spears blonde look, this show to get it.


Full-on bright platinum hair is ideal for anyone going grey or white or for those who are naturally very blonde, for anyone else it’s a high maintenance color that requires serious hydration, toning, and regular visits to the salon. Having said that, the statement color is worth the effort.

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Dark Hair Colors


Tiger’s Eye

Inspired by the stone, tiger’s eye is balayage with a mix of warm caramel, gold and brunette tones. On dark hair it looks stunning and, since it’s created using the balayage technique, the upkeep is pretty easy.

Going Darker

If you’re already brunette, going 2-3 shades darker is an easy way to transform your hair and make a statement without a ton of effort. Plus, dark hair tends to look super shiny and healthy so it’s a win, win.

Really Raven

Raven hair is almost bewitching in its beauty and, what’s great is that you can experiment with gloss tones like blue or burgundy colors. If your hair isn’t naturally dark then this will take quite a bit of upkeep to ensure the color and strands stay healthy-looking. Chroma Absolu has seriously nourishing and hydrating formulas, powered by healing acids to ensure hair stays vibrant, strong and shiny.

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Red Hair Colors


Cherry Balayage

Yet again, balayage is the easiest way to get playful with your color as you don’t need regular root touch-ups. Cherry is trending this year and by adding pieces of cherry into your hair you can get the look without too much maintenance. Of course, if your hair isn’t naturally blonde, those pieces will need to be lightened before the cherry tone can be added but what’s cool is that as the red fades it will turn pink - two looks in one!

Clearly Copper

More and more copper hairstyles are showing up on Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards. Copper is a pretty easy color to achieve if have red undertones in your hair, why fight it by trying to go for a cool tone, instead this season embrace this beautifully autumnal hue.

Rich Red

If you’re a natural blonde then going red only involves keeping the color vibrant. However, if you have brunette hair (or darker) then you’ll need to bleach your hair before going red which requires major dedication. Luckily you don’t have to worry about damage with our Chroma Absolu products that nourish hair and prevent color-induced damage, so if you want rich red hair - you’ve got it!

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Experimental Hair Colors

Rose Quartz

Pale pink hair doesn’t ever really go out of fashion. It’s experimental for sure and makes a statement but, maintenance wise, on blondes it can simply be applied in-salon and washes out with ease. If you have darker hair then you’ll need bleach first which means you’ll need to lean on a specially-formulated color care range like Chroma Absolu to prevent damage and frizz and to ramp up shine and softness.

Going Grey

This year’s Pantone color of the year is Ultimate Gray, and going deliberately grey can look incredibly striking. You’ll likely have to bleach your hair first so be sure to keep your hair seriously hydrated to ward off frizz and that tell-tale coarse texture that can come with bleaching.

In Nature

Natural hues like green or blue make a real statement and, unlike pink, they really stick around in the hair. So, for starters, make sure you’re wedded to the idea and keep hair moisturized to ensure the color fades evenly (no one wants patchy color!).


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