French Girl Hair

The Secret Life of the Parisian Woman

She’s wearing the perfect outfit, but never looks like she fussed in her closet. Her skin is flawless, and her hair… it is always perfect, yet perfectly undone.

She is a Parisian, and there is no one like her in the world. It has been implied that there is something in the water in Paris, something that makes women the most effortlessly beautiful, impossibly chic creatures on Earth.

There’s a spontaneous, adventurous energy to these stylish urban dwellers. Untamed and uninhibited, but certainly not out of control.

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Tousled a bit, a little unstructured and very, very sexy, her hair is often her most treasured style statement.

And there is no aspect of a French girl’s beauty that encapsulates her attitude more perfectly than her hair. Tousled a bit, a little unstructured and very, very sexy, it is often one of her most treasured style statement.

Yes, she has more to think about in her life than beauty rituals, but it would be wrong to think her look is unconsidered. It is very intentional, this hairstyle. It is an extension of her personality, and it must be just so.

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The most incredible hairstyles are the ones that appear to be the result of a life lived fully, yet elegantly. But without exceptional hair care, “undone” can simply look messy.

As it turns out, “effortless” texture does require a meticulous hair ritual. Each step is its own luxurious indulgence, bringing you closer to the very Parisian appearance of not having tried at all.

The first step is cleansing with a luxurious bain, such as Bain Satin 2 for drier hair types, which purifies the shaft gently, with nourishment. Next, it is essential to apply a rich treatment to the hair. Masquintense is a wonderful choice for moisture and nutrition.

For blowdry protection and touchable texture free from frizz, try L’Incroyable Blowdry. And as a final touch, a Parisian woman might add a few drops of Elixir Ultime Original Oil as insurance against frizz and for extra smoothing. Et voila! An undone look that is the result of the very finest care.

A Parisian's Ritual

Baigner - Traiter - Texturiser. These three indulging steps provide all the care needed to achieve your best hair.

Five star products to achieve that certain je ne sais quoi.

L'Huile Originale

This all-star leave-in hair oil provides deep nutrition to dull hair with heat protection for up to 230°. It seals split ends and smooths the hair fiber for long-lasting frizz control. Hair is instantly vivified through 48 hours of visibly intense shine. Infused with an exceptional blend of floral scents with Violet leaf, Freesia and Mandarin, woody scents, with Musc extract, the Oil delivers a sensorial caress while melting into hair.

L'Incroyable Blowdry

L'Incroyable Blowdry is a heat lotion designed for any woman who blowdries her hair. Its innovative formula slows greasing, ensures 96 hours anti-frizz protection, with thermo-protection properties up to 230 ° C. Re-activatating with heat tools starting at 150° C, this product enables retouchable results, natural feel and repositionable abilities that last for days.

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