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Introducing Fernanda Ly

Fernanda Ly (@warukatta) brings a fresh face to the world of luxury haircare as Kérastase brand ambassador. With her ever-changing hair colors and ultra-creative looks, Fernanda has redefined beauty as an inclusive endeavor, stalking her own path through the worlds of fashion and culture. Her tendency to constantly bleach her hair and rarely follow the rules makes her an ideal symbol of the Kérastase You Dare, We Care philosophy.

Rosa Carriço, Kerastase Global President

“Fernanda embodies a daring and multi-faceted vision of beauty. Her incredible career path has helped to change the face of the fashion industry to be more diverse and inclusive. I’m thrilled to see her joining the Kérastase family – her twinkly, thoughtful and inspirational personality brings new depth to our tagline You Dare, We Care.”

Rosa Carriço

Global President, Kérastase

“I’m so proud of being the new face of Kérastase! It’s a brand I’ve known and looked up to for a long time, not just for their products, which I use and love, but also for their daring mindset. You Dare, We Care, they say. That powerful statement is so relevant to me as I’ve never been one to follow a set path.”

Fernanda Ly

Brand Ambassador, Kérastase

Fernanda Ly - New Kérastase Ambassador

Get to know Fernanda

The vibrant-haired model believes beauty is a superpower

When Sydney native Fernanda Ly walked for Louis Vuitton in 2015, her pink hair immediately set the fashion world abuzz. She proved what we’ve known at Kérastase all along – that your hair can change your life. Since then, Fernanda’s bubbly personality and unique sense of style has made her an internationally known model, shot by some of the world’s most prominent photographers for the covers of Vogue Hong Kong, Vogue Australia, i-D and more. She now joins Kérastase as a brand ambassador to inspire our community with her constantly changing hair and unwavering sense of personal empowerment. “I feel most beautiful in the peaceful moments when I lay in bed after taking a bath,” she says, asserting her belief how you feel with yourself is paramount. “My idea of beauty is looking in the mirror and being satisfied with what is reflected back.”

Fernanda Ly is an Australian fashion model

Do you think beauty can be empowering?

Yes, absolutely. Beauty is often looked down upon as vain or superficial because of its self-serving nature, but I think it’s another type of strength. My hairstyle, for example, communicates my autonomy to the outside world.

What is your favorite Kérastase product?

Elixir Ultime L’Huile Originale. With bleached hair, I need all the help I can get! Before I used the oil, running my hands through my hair was frustrating because of all the tangles, and brushing would be stressful with all the breakage. After using the oil, my hair is glossy, but not overly so, and managing it is significantly easier because I don’t have to fight against the knots and breakage. I’m always disappointed when I run out!

Fernanda Ly and Chroma Absolu
Fernanda Ly is fan of Asian models

Do you have any women role models? In what ways do you identify with them?

I’m a really big fan of many fellow Asian models, notably Fei Fei Sun and HoYeon Jung. Fei Fei, for being the OG Asian model who succeeded in a time where acknowledging and celebrating people of Asian descent in fashion was an impossible concept. HoYeon, because she’s such a humble person who has always silently worked so hard to achieve her goals. She makes me believe that you can make your own success come true if you continuously work toward it.

What does it mean to be a woman today?

It seems as if we are supposed to be satisfied with our position in society “because at least it’s not like how it was before”, or so I’ve been told. Sometimes I feel like I’m walking on a narrow balance beam, torn between being proud of who I am – of being born a woman – but also despaired by the possibility of “what if…” At times it’s almost a begrudging acceptance that this is life as a woman.

Fernanda Ly is a Kerastase Ambassador

What does female empowerment mean to you?

To be treated as a human of equal standing, to not be seen as inferior due to our sex and outward appearance.