Just like each type of hair have special needs, these needs change with the season and weather conditions. Find out how to maintain the beauty of your hair in each season with special tips!
Summer is hot, sexy, a little bit wild. And you want hair to match that mood while avoidng the down sides : sun dmage color fading, dryness, dullness. The Soleil range, a Kerastase classic updated for modern hair, lets you have all the fun of summer while protecting your hair from its perils.
It’s your first time and you’re filled with nervous excitement and blonde envy. You’ve scanned Instagram for the perfect colorist, and you’re emotionally ready to lose your blonde virginity. Here’s how to properly prepare for your blonde rendezvous.
The top bobo (bohemian bourgeoisie) look this year. It was seen at festivals & fashion weeks. It’s a perfect fusion of control & freedom. For an independent and free spirit!
Summer is fun for you, but stressful for your hair. Keep your hair care game on point, wherever the season takes you.
Blond hair never goes out of fashion, and this summer there are so many trends to try. Discover them all here and lighten up for the new season.
Hair care myths happen all the time, but summer hair is its own animal. Hair requires special treatment during this hot, active season, but there are many misunderstandings about how to do it properly. Here are a few we'd like to clear up, so you can have radiant hair all summer long.
Summer is the only season where it seems appropriate to be completely free, to take risks, to frolic and bask around the beaches and poolsides of the world. But just like skin, hair needs careful protection from the sun and fun of summer. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you move through the hot summer months.