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Summer Hair Colors: The Blond Trends to Know in 2021

Blond hair never goes out of fashion, and this summer there are so many trends to try. Discover them all here and lighten up for the new season.

Blond hair and summer are the perfect duo. There is something so refreshing about going lighter come summer. And for 2021, there are plenty of trending blond looks that you’re bound to find one you love.

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The 2021 Summer Hair Color Trends
Summer hair colours vary year to year, but blond never goes out of style. Balayage, of course, if here to stay and it’s the perfect summer blond hair color and it’s the low-commitment way to go blond since the seamless strands grow out without a harsh root line, in fact balayage can even look better with time. Ask your hairdresser for some face-framing blond pieces and it can lift your complexion.

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For those who want a more all over blond for summer, there are a few different looks that are trending right now. Of course, it’s never a good idea to blindly follow the trends so work with your colonist to find the blond that suits your eye color, skin tone and lifestyle - some blonds require a lot of upkeep!

Sandy blonds are the new expensive-looking way to go blond, not too ashy or too brassy, this sand-hued color is the perfect combination of warm sandy and cool beige tones that can look incredibly beautiful. Alternatively, if you want to go slightly cooler mushroom blond which has hints of brunette and grey running through it also looks stunning. Want to go all out? A blanket of pure ice blond hair is always in style, but it’s a high maintenance color to try.

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How to Take Care of Your Summer Blond Hair
During the summer months, blond hair requires extra TLC. The sun, sea and chlorine can dehydrate your strands leaving them prone to breakage, the sun’s UV rays can damage your hair (just like it can our skin), while these environmental aggressors can also turn your salon-fresh blond color into a brassy yellow.

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Start the summer season and bolster your hair with an in-salon Fusio Dose treatment. Our iconic service starts with a hair diagnosis and consultation and tackles two hair concerns, for blonds this is often lack of nourishment, as well as brittleness. Come the end of summer, a Fusio Dose treatment can repair any damage and restore your hair’s vitality, softness and shine.

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At home there are two Kerastase collections that are particularly beneficial for blonds during the summer. Blond Absolu was formulated especially for all blonds including those who lighten their hair. The products contain a potent combination of hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and antioxidant Edelweiss flower that deeply nourishes and protects the strands, whilst the addition in some of the products (like the shampoo and masques) of purple pigments neutralises brassiness for an illuminated, fresh-looking blond color every day.

In the range, you’ll also find a clear hair oil. Did you know golden-hued oils can stain brilliant blond strands? The oil seals split ends, smoothes the strands and offers heat protection up to 230°C. Bolster your blond at night with the Sérum Cicanuit a white cream-in-gel leave-in serum, it erases 55% of damage from bleaching while you sleep, for stronger, more resistant strands.

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During the summer months, you can alternate your Blond Absolu routine with Soleil. The Soleil collection illuminates hair with products that protect the hair from dryness and fading due to summer season agressors such as sun, chlorine and salt water. Containing UV filters, the shampoo and masque effectively cleanse and nourish the hair without weighing it down.

There is also the treatment-styling hybrid Huile Sirène, the bi-phase products with babassu oil conditions the strands whilst enhancing your natural texture. It’s like a sea salt spray but without the telltale crunch. So, when it comes to taking care of your summer blond hair, Kerastase has got you covered.

Discover the Soleil Collection here

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