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How Kerastase Is Embracing Curls In Salons and At Home

From a new at-home collection to a new Fusio Dose booster that joins our iconic line-up, if you’ve got curls we’ve got you covered.

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Unfortunately, in a lot of salons when a curly-haired woman pushes open the door, if she is not refused, she is offered a straightening service because of a lack of knowledge. This must change. We looked at how curly-haired women are treated in salons and how they view the experience. 66% of women with curly hair come to the salon for treatment versus 40% of straight-haired women, and yet many have spoken of their traumatic salon experience.

“He cut my hair as short as my straight-haired sisters. I cried a lot. Now I only let curly haired stylists cut my hair.”

The anecdote above is one of many and is why so many women have a lack of trust in salons. In fact, 40% of curly-haired women prefer to tend to their own curls than go to the salon. As industry leaders, we believe it is our responsibility to empower and educate hairdressers on curly hair. To ensure we can offer women with beautiful natural hair the best experience, we consulted with two curl experts: Vernon Francois, celebrity hairstylist and educator, and Aude Livoreil, hair & scalp expert.

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“I now know that there will people around the world that will be able to use Kérastase for all hair textures, and feel included in that luxury space,” says Francois. The celebrity stylist, rightly believes that hairdressers should be “be fully equipped with the nuances of hair textures that you see every day. We all should be doing better collectively.

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“I have a hands-on approach with everything, sometimes I may not know how to treat or cut the hair until I’m touching it. Until I ask the story about how the hair came to where it is and therefore you have to really be interested. Be respectful, ask questions.” As a professional brand, Kérastase understands the important of hair diagnosis and the consultation process.

It also understands the power of personalized products and routines, which is why it has launched the new Curl Manifesto line. You can also expect our in-salon experts to offer you easy-to-do care advice, below are some of the curly hair tips you can try today.

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Hairdresser Tips:

Give very curly, dehydrated hair an extra layer of support and nourishment by applying Curl Manifesto Huile Sublime Repair to the hair before shampooing.

Use Your Fingers
When shampooing, as the water passes through, use your fingers to detangle the hair. Also, make sure your fingers are really separated as this will also help minimising the knotting, as curly, coils and kinky hair is really fragile when wet.

Condition and scrunch
Rub your conditioner all over your hands and then scrunch it through the mid lengths and ends to get into the soaking wet hair. It’s important at this phase to work very quickly to really get into the cuticle when the hair is wet, as it really absorbs well.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate
Curly hair tends to be drier than other hair types, so hydration is key for fighting off frizz and reducing breakage. Creme de Jour Fondamentale, a leave-in treatment, offers hair the nourishment it needs . Really get in with your fingers and scrunch the ends to encourage your curls – you have to do this very quickly, while the hair is wet, to maximize the penetration.

Air-Dry or Diffuse
Where you can air-dry your hair to limit damage and dehydration from heat styling and to reduce frizz. You could also diffuse your hair at medium heat, Crème de Jour Fondamentale offers optimal heat protection.

Minimize Breakage!
Don’t have time to leave hair to air-dry from wet? Use a micro-fibre towel to gently squeeze your curls to remove excess water without damaging your delicate strands.

Refresh Between Washes
Shampooing curly hair too often can lead to dehydration, frizz and damage. Curl Manifesto’s hero product Refresh Absolu refreshes the hair, rehydrates and revives the curl pattern between washes.

Treat Hair While You Sleep
A true multi-purpose hero, Huile Sublime Repair can be applied at night to nourish scalp and strands while you sleep.

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Go to Your Salon

In salon, many clients were asking for a treatment that would instantly revive their curls and bring back that all-important bounce. Kérastase listened and we developed a new concentré to be mixed with a booster: Fusio Dose Curl Nourishing Treatment, that instantly nourishes the fiber by 88 %. It joins the iconic in-salon service for ultimate personalized care.

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For people with curly or very curly hair with low porosity, there is a shape-enhancing moisturizing service. This is a 4-step ritual that starts with Bain Hydration Douceur shampoo to gently shampoo whilst also hydrating. Next, comes the Fusio Dose replenishing recovery treatment. Conditioner follows, the Creme de Jour Fondamentale defines the curls and shields from humidity, while the Gelee Curl Contour amplifies the curls and offers hold without crunch.

For those with very curly or coily hair with high porosity, there is the deep moisturising treatment. This follows the same steps as the previous routine but has the addition of the Masque Beurre Haute Nutrition for deep hydration - this comes after the Fusio Dose and before the conditioner. The step-by-step finishes with a layer of Huile Sublime Repair to enhance strength and shine.

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These beautifying treatments are a real moment of in-salon care and something Francois is passionate about. “Treat people how you like to be treated, it will set you up for a long time of success. It’s not rocket science. No matter what the client asks, they just want to feel loved and appreciated. Everyone deserves to be loved, no matter what your hair texture.”