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K Water: How doest it work?

It may seem like magic, and it almost is. K Water’s lamellar technology is a stunning new breakthrough in salon haircare, and it works instantly to create perfect hair. But how? Learn the science behind our latest haircare miracle.

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A light, clear liquid, K Water is actually an anhydrous formula. It has no water. It is a combination of glycol, caring agents and amino acids.


The caring agents are activated by the contact with water. When K Water is applied to wet hair, its lipid compounds and cationic derivatives rush to the fiber’s surface in neat layers to create a smooth finish. The actives automatically bind to the areas that are the most sensitized, staying away from the areas that don’t need as much care, so the amount of nourishment is never too heavy nor too light.


Because of their incredible fast-acting nature, K Water’s caring agents bind instantly to the hair, creating smooth, hydrated, nourished fibers. Hair is perfectly prepped for styling and blow-drying. The immediate result is unbelievably sleek, fluid hair with a glasslike shine.

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