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All the Benefits of Natural Products and Ingredients for Your Hair

For some hair types, natural products and ingredients can make the world of difference, discover all here.

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Kérastase is a brand built on science and education, our Research & Development team work hard to select ingredients that are optimal for your hair, to get you the results you desire and deserve. Sometime those ingredients are lab-made, other times they are natural, and one isn’t necessarily better than the other. But, more and more people are wanting to look to more natural products and ingredients for their bathrooms, beauty cabinets and makeup bags, which is why Kérastase came up with its Aura Botanica range so you have a natural option for your hair. The collection of products range from 96-99% natural origin and boast ingredients like nourishing argan and coconut oils. But why go natural and are there hair types that are better suited to a natural routine? We reveal all below.

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When to Choose Natural Hair Products

Going natural is often a lifestyle choice, but certain hair types actually benefit incredibly well from natural hair products and ingredients. Dry hair will reap the rewards of using a haircare routine that boasts ingredients like argan oil and coconut oil to nourish and hydrate the strands leaving them smooth, shiny and easier to style.

For hair that is fragile, from excessive treatments or heat styling, natural products are gentle yet effective enough to cleanse, condition and treat the hair and nourish the strands without fear of causing any further damage.

Best Natural Ingredients for Hair

Aura Botanica combines natural, earth-derived ingredients such as certified organic coconut and argan oils with advanced luxurious Kérastase formulations for truly effective care that leaves your hair with a healthy, vibrant glow.

Our coconut oil is double hand-pressed virgin coconut oil to maximize on its hair-nourishing properties. Certified organic and responsibly sourced, it is packed with nourishing lipids that leave hair shiny and soft. As for our argan oil, we take just as much care to bring you the best. It is extracted by hand from a Moroccan forest preserve to preserve active ingredients including Omega 6 and 9 so is left beautifully nourished and cared for.

The Aura Botanica collection is a full range of products that tackles dullness in your strands to leave your hair healthy and vibrant.

There are two shampoos - Bain Micellaire and Bain Micellaire Riche for thick or overly dry and sensitized hair, as well as a conditioner and mask. Beyond these, there is a selection of naturally-driven caring and styling products, such as Essence d’éclat a biphase mist with the addition of jojoba and avocado oils to protect against heat and frizz.

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Also in the line-up is Eau de Vagues , a texturizing spray for beautiful beauty waves. Baume Miracle to tame and nourish flyaways and dry strands. Crème de Boucles, a curl cream that defines the hair without any stiffness. Concentré Essentiel, a multi-use oil that can be used as a pre-shampoo on sensitized scalp and strands or as a massage oil. As well as Baume Miracle, a waterless, oil-packed balm can be used to zero in on dry zones in your hair.

Our hero product is the Lait de Soie, a smoothing leave-in milk for normal to thick hair that is a 99% natural origin formulae that tames frizz for a silky finish and healthy glow. In 90% humidity conditions, hair is protected from frizz for 96 hours thanks to nourishing ingredients. A versatile styler it can be used to support air-drying to preserve the hair’s natural movement or to protect strands against temperatures of up to 230°C.

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Find the Aura Botanica
routine for you

Normal & Dull Hair:
1. Bathe with Bain Micellaire
2. Treat with Soin Fondamental
3. Texturize with Essence d’éclat

Curly & Dull Hair:
1. Bathe with Bain Micellaire Riche
2. Treat with Soin Fondamental
3. Texturize with Crème de Boucles

Fine & Dull Hair:
1. Bathe with Bain Micellaire
2. Treat with Soin Fondamental
3. Texturize with Essence d’éclat

Thick & Dull Hair:
1. Bathe with Bain Micellaire Riche
2. Treat with Masque Fondamental Riche
3. Texturize with Crème de Boucles

Very Dry & Sensitized Hair:
1. Bathe with Bain Micellaire Riche
2. Treat with Masque Fondamental Riche
3. Baume Miracle


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