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The Routine

The Finest Routine For Long, Healthy Hair

Growing healthy, luxuriously long hair requires a robust plan of action. It’s like strength training for the hair. Think of the Extentioniste range as hi-tech equipment that gets you to your goal faster. Each component plays a vital part in getting you to your goal.

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Bain Extentioniste

This invigorating, length-boosting shampoo contains Creatine R™ and Taurine, an amino acid with a protective effect on the hair fiber. It helps ensure a visibly healthy and stimulated scalp environment, the first step to achieving long, healthy hair.

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Fondant Extentioniste

Enjoy the luxurious effect of a creamy conditioner designed to keep the hair in optimum shape as it goes to great lengths. Boasting a powerful fusion of Creatine R™, Ceramides and Maleic Acid, the Fondant seals cuticles with a uniform coating from roots to tips, providing instant softness and shine.

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Masque Extentioniste

The length-strengthening mask comes with incredible nourishing power, even on dry, thinning ends. Contains Creatine R™ and Maleic Acid, very small particles that penetrate the fiber for reinforcement action and seal cuticles with a uniform coating from root to tip.

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Sérum Extentioniste

A unique scalp and fiber serum that creates a strong foundation for hair growth. Sérum Extentioniste is a great product for a self-care moment. It’s applied by pipette and massaged in to the scalp—slowly for relaxation, or more vigorously for an energizing effect.

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NEW ! Extentioniste Thermique

This gel cream milky serum has Glaçage Thermo-Seal, Creatine R™ and Taurine to reinforce the hair structure from within, while sealing the surface for smoothness. It protects hair from heat damage up to 230°, reducing breakage up to 93%.

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Have a minute?

Let James Galvin, a salon director from London, explain to you the perfect routine to get long, strong and healthy hair.

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