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Hand’s down—these are the best anti-thinning hair products for men

Our new collection Genesis Homme is a dual action range that instantly volumizes the hair, whilst offering effective long-term results against thinning and hair fall. Discover the hardworking products and how to use them here.

Hair thinning and hair fall , we get it—it’s not exactly a subject you want to talk about but while it can feel quite isolating, 70% of men have to deal with hair fall at some point in their lives. And for the 16% of men that do treat hair thinning, many have found the products out there to be inconvenient and lacking instant results. Kérastase understood the brief, we needed to create a product line with great textures that offered both instant and long-term results. Enter: Genesis Homme , a collection that we believe is the best hair growth product line for men.

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Kérastase Genesis Homme hair before after

Genesis Homme: The Benefits

With Genesis Homme you get results fast - we’re talking after just one use. Hair is instantly 85% stronger and 5 times fuller.* But it’s with consistent use that you start to see the real long-term benefits. After 6 weeks of daily use*, hair fall is reduced and there is noticeably more hair fiber retention.

*Instrumental test using Bain de Masse épaississant + Cire d'épaisseur Texturisante + Sérum Anti-Chute Fortifiant
**Clinical study, 99 people, after 6 weeks of use of Sérum Anti-Chute Fortifiant

Best hair growth ingredients for men

Genesis Homme is our collection of 5 anti-thinning hair products that are all powered by an effective cocktail of ingredients, expertly formulated to tackle hair thinning and hair fall.

For instantly more hair volume, there is the combination of ginger root, creatine and expanding that immediately strengthen the hair fibers and plump the existing hair for a fuller look, fast.

Kérastase Genesis Homme ingredients: creatine, aminexil and ginger root extract

Day after day, 1.5% Aminexil, our alternative to Minoxidil, helps to stop hair fall by fortifying the root of the hair so it is more effectively anchored into the follicle, whilst also protecting against environmental aggressors like pollution and UV rays. 

So, what is Aminexil? A L’Oréal research active it has the capability to inhibit the rigidity of the collagen network. In simple terms that means it works hard to keep the root of each strand supple and anchored to the scalp.

Best Hair Growth Products For Men

Kérastase knows men want simple, fuss-free products that drive results and, so, Genesis Homme (link to shopping page) is a concise collection of just 5 hair products for men that prevent hair fall and thinning.


At the core of our range are two shampoos that we believe are the best shampoos for hair thinning.

Bain de Force Quotidien is what we believe to be the best daily purifying shampoo for thinning hair in men. It has a clear, fresh gel texture that can be used daily to purify weakened hair that’s prone to thinning. For the multitaskers, this shampoo can also be used on the beard to cleanse, hydrate and soften the hair. More than 80% of consumers* said their scalp felt refreshed, balanced and energised after using this shampoo.

How to use: Work through wet hair. Rinse thoroughly.

*Clinical study, 59 people, use of Bain de Force Quotidien

Bain de Masse Epaississant is our more advance shampoo for thinning hair and is our best shampoo for thickening. It has a rich, creamy texture that cleanses and softens the hair and, as with our purifying shampoo, it can be used on the beard. With an instant thickening action, it gives the sensation of having more hair providing much-needed volume and texture. Impressive for a shampoo.

How to use: Work through wet hair. Rinse thoroughly.

How to choose the best shampoo for hair thickening for you: While we would recommend  Bain de Masse Epaississant for more extreme cases of hair fall, the shampoo you pick really comes down to preference. But, know this, a little of these shampoos goes a long way. Bain de Force Quotidien has a cooling effect leaving hair fresh and natural to the touch, whereas Bain de Masse Epaississant has a texturizing effect whilst still leaving hair soft and shiny.

Spray de Force Epaississant is a strength and thickness spray for weakened hair that is prone to thinning. It effectively thickens the hair fibre by 25% after one application for the instant sensation of having more hair. Hair will have more texture and a light hold that never feels sticky and the effects last an impressive 24 hours*.

Expert tip: You can also use the spray on dry hair. Spritz it into your hands and rub it into the front - great if a receding hairline is your concern as it will give you much more volume. It also works well to tame hair that is prone to feeling and looking fluffy.

How to use: Spray into hands. Work through wet hair. Do not rinse.

*Instrumental test, after application of Spray de Force Epaississant

Cire D’Epaisseur Texturisante is an instant thickening clay for weakened hair that is prone to thinning.  The non-greasy, non-sticky white wax paste thickens every fiber for healthy looking hair with mass. With a flexible, medium hold and matte finish, this is a great daily styling go-to. When used with Bain de Masse you can expect 5 times fuller hair and an impressive 70% + hair diameter*.

Expert tip: You can use this wet or dry to create texture at the roots or on dry hair to top the hair up to create texture and hair that looks so much fuller.

*Instrumental test, after application of Bain de Masse and Cire d’Epaisseur Texturisante

Ker Video Pro Tips

Serum Anti-Chute Fortifant our hero product is the only one to contain the 1.5% Aminexil, an alternative to Minoxidil, and is formulated to be used daily to fortify weakened strands prone to thinning and hair fall. The translucent serum-like gel is clinically proven to reduce the rate of hair fall after 6 weeks*. It works to slow down the shedding process and re-anchor the fiber to the root to minimize hair fall. It also works to effectively preserve the scalp’s natural protective barrier to keep roots shielded from environmental aggressors. As if that isn’t enough, the formula also has a significant soothing effect to reduce any unwanted itchiness and discomfort after just 3 weeks.

Expert tip: Make sure you use this serum every single day - you don’t have to use it at the same time or after you have washed your hair so put it by your bed where you are going to see it and use it every day for 6 weeks. Do this and you’re going to get the thicker, stronger, hair that you wanted.

How to use: Apply 4 doses (1 dose = 1 pipette until mark) to dry or towel-dried scalp, section by section.

*Clinical study, 99 people, after 3 weeks of use (soothing) and 6 weeks of use (hair-loss) of Sérum Anti-Chute Fortifiant