So you did it. You dared to go blonde. But why? And what shade? What does going blonde mean to you? We want all the details. Going blonde is a rite of passage—we want to know everything about it.

Every faux blonde has her own story. Maybe it's a breakup, a new job, a random impulse to do something different. It's a mindset that every blonde wants to share with the world. Some love the boldness of it, the "badassery". There is power in being blonde. For others, it symbolizes lightness, innocence. It's a fresh start, a way to write a new story. Blonde can be whatever you want it to be, as long as you dare to do it, and make it your own. We're obsessed with the why of blonde, and what it means to women everywhere to embody the spirit of this naked hue.

Blonde can be whatever you want it to be, as long as you dare to do it, and make it your own.

So we'd like to know - what made you want to be blonde, what was the transformation like, and how does it feel to be out in the world, a blonde beauty for all to see?

Tell us your blonde story - the shade, the circumstances, the salon, the colorist. Tell us how being blonde works for you and heightens your personal journey. And show us your results and routines on Instagram with the hashtag #TheBlondeIDare.

Blond Absolu The Blond I Dare 1 Article Kérastase
Blond Absolu The Blond I Dare 2 Article Kérastase

For inspiration, check out the stories from the women of our Blonde Collective. They've told us what being blonde means to them. Now, we'd like to hear what it means to you.

Blond Absolu was inspired by women who have a strong desire—or at least a nagging interest—in what it's like to be blonde. Maybe some of you hesitated to go through with it because you were worried it would be difficult to care for.

That's why we created Blond Absolu, so you could go full force into your own blonde dreams and feel completely confident that your hair would stay healthy and radiant. What made your dare to go blonde? Share your story on Instagram. #TheBlondeIDare #YouDareWeCare.


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