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The 4 Scalp Problems You Need on Your Radar

The secret to healthy hair is a healthy scalp. Here we reveal the most common scalp issues and how to deal with them.

Scalp problems are common. In fact, 2 out of 5 women and 1 in 3 men are concerned by scalp issues. The thing is, our scalps tend to go unnoticed until problems like itching, dryness, flaking and oiliness occur. If your scalp feels normal but you’re keen to prevent scalp problems arising then you can check out our guide to keep your scalp in great condition, but if it’s specific scalp issues you want to address then you’re in the right corner of the internet.


When it comes to the scalp, keeping it healthy isn’t just important to avoid flaking, oiliness and more, a healthy scalp free of any issues is the best foundation for strong, healthy, beautiful hair to grow from.

1) Itchy Scalp

With an itchy scalp you are essentially dealing with sensitivity. This could be due to daily aggressions such as pollution particles or UV rays that can lead to unwanted inflammation and itching. Scalp itchiness could also be due to internal factors like stress and anxiety. It could be that you have a build-up of dry skin that is causing your scalp to itch or it could be that the products you are using are too harsh or have built up and are too much for your delicate scalp.


Tread gently if you have a sensitive, itchy scalp. Once a week use an exfoliator like Scrub Apaisant that is designed to slough away dead skin that could be triggering the unwanted itching. Look to incorporate a gentle shampoo into your scalp care routine. If your hair is normal to oily look to a shampoo like Bain Vital Dermo-Calm Shampoo, Designed with irritation in mind, it gently removes impurities and soothes inflammation. Bain Riche Dermo-Calm Shampoo works in much the same way on the scalp but is designed for those with dry hair.

For seriously irritated scalps try Specifique Cure Apaisante, the kit contains a leave-on scalp treatment that you apply three times a week for four weeks. A three-pronged approach, the formula soothes irritation, hydrates and protects the scalp against the environment

2) Dehydrated or Dry Scalp

Dry and dehydrated skin is different. Dry skin is a type that you are born with, it’s genetically determined and people with dry skin are prone to conditions like eczema. Whereas, dehydration is a condition that is triggered by internal or external factors like central heating or stress. If you have dry skin, even though our scalps are full of oil glands, your scalp could get dry too. A dry or dehydrated scalp is likely to feel tight and you may experience some unwanted flaking.


How can you fix a dry scalp? Hydration. The same goes for a dehydrated scalp. Factor a hydrating mask into your routine that you can use on the scalp. Most hair masks are rich and heavy, designed to nourish the ends of your hair but Masque Hydra-Apaisant Hair Mask is a silicone-free gel formula that should be massaged into the scalp and extended through the lengths of the hair. Left on for three minutes, it has a cooling and soothing effect on the scalp, it nourishes and balances the skin while leaving your strands soft and beautiful.

If your dry or dehydrated scalp is causing some unwanted dead skin build-up or flaking, then lean on Scrub Apaisant once a week. Work it into the scalp to whisk away unwanted dry skin.

3) Flaky Scalp

Easily identified, when you can see dry flakes you have a flaky scalp. Simple. However, the causes of the flakes vary, it can occur in dry skin, irritated oily skin, or sensitive skin, contact dermatitis is flaking caused by sensitivity to products. Not shampooing regularly enough can also lead to a build-up of oil and dead skin that can cause flakes. Use a shampoo designed for a flaky scalp like Bain Anti-Pelliculaire. An anti-dandruff shampoo, it acts on two types of dandruffs, dry and oily flakes. It eliminates flakes and impurities and prevents new flakes recurring for up to eight weeks.


Treat a flaky scalp with care. If your hair and skin is prone to oil use Scrub Energisant designed for anyone dealing with an oily scalp to slough away dandruff flakes and unwanted sebum. For dry hair and scalp, Scrub Apaisant should be your go-to.

4) Oily Scalp

Our skin and scalp have a hydrolipidic film, made up of sebum, sweat and water that acts as a protective barrier to defend the skin from outside aggressors. It’s a good thing, but those prone to oily skin can have an excessive hydrolipidic film that can lead to an oily scalp. Excess oil can be caused by things like stress, pollution, hormonal changes and harsh products. An oily scalp can cause your roots to get greasy quicker and you may notice spots in your scalp and along your hair line. The key to treating an oily scalp is to remove the excess sebum and sweat without stripping the scalp.


Try Bain Divalent, this shampoo is specifically designed for oily roots to balance the scalp and limit the overproduction of oil, so your roots get greasy less quickly. What’s clever about the formula is that it also nourishes your strands, so your hair is left soft, shiny and supple, while split ends are sealed.

A handy quick fix for greasy roots is dry shampoo. While you should aim to get to the root of the problem (no pun intended), a well-formulated dry shampoo can help reduce oil, fast. Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo contains moisturizing Vitamin E, rice starch to instantly mop up oil and neroli oil to give your hair a beautiful fragrance that lasts 24 hours. It’s designed for all hair types and is a fine mist that won’t leave your hair looking powdery. Silicone-free, it’s ideal for refreshing roots and hair on-the-go.


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