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The best gifts are the ones that come highly recommended. Your list is filled with great people, so it’s only wise to ask other great people what they would want and then let the answers inspire your choices. Here are some favorites from influencers, editors, fans, stylists and celebs.

Hairdresser's favorites

Professional Recommendations

Our hairdressers work in a professional setting where it is important to please the people they care about most—their clients. This makes them a rich resource of knowledge and feedback about which products will really enhance the lives of those around us. These are the ones they recommend. Swipe through to discover their favorites and why they love them.

Hairdresser's favorites

David D'Amours

What is your favorite Kérastase product? I’m in love with Serum Thérapiste because it instantly repairs and protects hair from any heat. It’s definitely the best friend of split ends. It’s easy for my clients to bring it everywhere with them. They can even carry it in their handbags! A secret tip for using it? I use it to finish a perfect sleek ponytail. It facilitates smoothing by disciplining small crazy hair without leaving greasy or crusty deposit.


Hairdresser's favorites

Jennifer Yepez

What is your favorite Kérastase product? & A tip for using it? I would have to say Nutritive Crème Magistrale …it is the most amazing product and it works in so many ways. I like to use it to detangle my hair and take out frizz. When I am styling, I will uses the crème to smooth my hair and fly-aways down. Also, if I want to revive my waves, I scrunch it in…it never leaves my hair greasy or weighed down.


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Ocean Lewis

What’s your favorite Kérastase Product? Aura Botanica Curl Cream. A secret tip for using it? I put it on one finger and then I go through some of my curls individually wrapping them around my finger.


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Ayano Sasaki

What is your favorite Kérastase product? Bain Force Architecte & Masque Force Architecte. A tip for using it? I apply the bain to my hair and wash it gently and then I put the masque on the lengths and ends of my hair.


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Melissa Merk

What is your favorite Kérastase product? Elixir Ultime Oil. A tip for using it? I like to mix it with one of the thermique creams and apply it all over my hair when it’s wet.


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